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Ben and I met in 1996, began dating in 1999 and married in 2001. Now 20 years and 2 children later, we have returned to where our life together began. Ben works for the Federal Reserve and I have the privilege of staying home with our two precious boys.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend with Mimi! We played on Friday night and woke up Saturday to do a little shopping. Mimi wanted to let the boys to pick out something that they wanted for Easter. After having some lunch, we came home for naps. Then it was time to dye eggs. They were both so into it! Given their attention spans, I was a little surprised but it was more fun this year than any year in the past!

The whole gang while Daddy took pictures
 Ethan helping Mommy
 Caden helping Mimi
 So focused

While we cleaned up from our egg dying activity, Daddy hid eggs for a backyard egg hunt.

 Look at all of my eggs!
Caden really wasn't into it so Mommy helped
 Ethan and Mimi
 Ethan was all over the yard!
 When we were finished, he felt bad because he had 
so many more than brother, so he shared. Sweetness!! :-)

This was the most fun Caden had during the egg hunt! When we were finished and he gave all of his eggs back to Ethan, Caden turned his basket upside down and put it on top of his head. He thought he had done the most hilarious thing ever and all you could hear were his little giggles coming out from under the basket while he walked around the yard! 
 Then he wanted to swing...please pardon the unrolled hose
 After numerous attempts at a posed picture, 
this is one of the best we ended up with

After our egg hunt and a little playtime, we came back inside for Easter dinner. We decided to have it Saturday night instead of on Sunday since Mimi had to leave after church. Everyone ate so well at dinner that we decided to go to Sweet Monkey for some yummy frozen yogurt for dessert!

Easter Sunday came and the boys found that the Easter Bunny left them some treats!
 Love sweet Caden's cheese face!
 Ethan was very excited about his VeggieTale's watch!

After checking out their Easter baskets, we had breakfast and got ready for church. Before we left, the boys got some great pictures with Mimi in their Easter outfits.

And more attempts at a posed picture...please tell me that eventually it gets easier!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Show

We had the Shadowbrook Spring Show this week. Ethan was a total card, as usual. He does NOT get that from me. As a child, I was so shy in front of others so it blows my mind that MY 3 year old has no qualms whatsoever about throwing in his own ideas of how the performance should go. I have to say that he actually participated with the appropriate hand movements more than in previous shows, though. But do not let that mislead you into thinking that he didn't garner the attention of every other parent there as well. AND big brother is starting to rub off on little brother, much to my surprise. I completely expected Caden to stand still with a blank look on his face the entire show and suck his thumb, but he shocked me! I'm so thankful that they are still young enough that people laugh and think it is cute. But, as a parent and former teacher, I can totally see their thinking...ok, I need to make sure that my little darling doesn't spend too much time around those boys. 

Anyway, each class selected their favorite songs and shared them with all of the families that came to watch their little ones in the show. As usual, it was held in the Family Life Center and the children were in a circle in the center with parents seated around them on the outside of the circle. Since it was in a circular format and wasn't in the sanctuary on the stage, I sat in front of Ethan and Ben sat in front of Caden so that we could take pictures.

 Cheesing it up for Mommy

 Sweet praying hands

 Shouting from the mountaintops

Going on a bear hunt

 Melting like a snowman

Then there was this little guy...
Doing exactly what I thought he would be doing

Even his teacher Ms. Mary couldn't convince him to smile

 Daddy finally convinced him to take his thumb out of mouth...for a second

And then it all changed...
Caden saw Ethan and ran over to him

Then there were hugs, proceeded by Caden taking off running around the entire circle and back to Ethan for another hug, followed by another hug and taking off again followed by another hug totally walking in front of everyone and distracting the show. WOW! Was so not prepared for that! And that would be why there are no more pictures. The rest of the show was spent with Caden in my lap trying to contain him while every other parent actually got to watch their children perform! Where did these children come from???

Friday, March 29, 2013

Family Visit

Last weekend we had an awesome visit from Grandad, Uncle Chad & Aunt Ashley, Uncle Morgan, and Uncle CJ. Unfortunately, we were so busy catching up and eating good food that the camera was put away the entire time :-( I can not believe that I forgot to take pictures. An ultimate fail! We had been looking forward to this weekend for months and the boys LOVED every minute being the center of attention and I loved getting to spend time with family. 

We even had the best good ole' southern soul food at Aunt PittyPat's Porch downtown. I can't remember too many meals that I have had in my life where everything I put in my mouth was delicious! If you're ever in Atlanta, I highly recommend!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Growing Up

We have a little boy who is finally putting some effort into fine motor skills. Ms. Beth, his teacher at school, emailed me this picture because he was so proud of himself for actually writing his name. They practice every day but he usually puts 2 seconds into his work and it looks like scribbles. I know we're a little behind but this Mommy is so happy that one ACTIVE little boy slowed down long enough to try :-)

And Caden has learned how to drive...NOT! A couple of days ago after I drove the boys around the neighborhood passing out birthday invitations for his party next month, he decided to crawl into the driver's seat and pretend. Thankfully, we were parked in the garage and Mommy had the keys in her hand :-) Yes, they were sitting nicely in the back while we passed out the invitations.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

The weather was beautiful this weekend so we had lots of outside time! Daddy and Ethan got to play some golf and Mommy and Caden got to go for a run. Then we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with 5 other families on our block on Saturday and enjoyed our neighborhood Easter egg hunt on Sunday after church.

Before we headed down to the pavilion, Mommy attempted to get a picture of the boys in their Easter outfits from Mimi.
 And another attempt with "cheese faces" once we got down there.
 It wasn't too long before the first egg hunt began and Ethan was off!
 Our lovely little Miss Lauren helped Caden with his Easter basket so Mommy could take pictures. So thankful that she loves our boys!
 Ethan actually looking :-)
 The Easter Bunny came to visit and Caden wasn't too sure what to think of him...
 Still thinking about it and checking him out...
 Mommy is about to get a new lens for her camera and shots like this will be SOOO much better in the future.
 Ethan wasn't too sure about the Easter Bunny either, but he didn't run away...
 And then there was SUCCESS!
 Caden still wasn't sure what to think, though
 After we opened up our eggs and got all of the goodies out, Caden was excited to have a treat!
 One of Ethan's eggs had the Golden Ticket in it so he got to trade it in for a prize. He chose a carrot-shaped foam rocket and it was MOST definitely the hit of the egg hunt after everyone had finished.
All in all, it was a fun-filled day with egg hunting, playing on the playground, decorating Easter sugar cookies, and playing toss with the rocket. Two little boys were ready for naps after that!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ninjago Birthday Party

Sunday afternoon, we headed next door for our friend, Sam's, Ninjago birthday party.

The first game was a sword balloon relay
 Ethan made it to the finish line!
 The next game was "Ninja says"
 Then there was some playtime in the fort...
 followed by the highlight of the party, a ZIPLINE across the backyard! 
Here's the birthday boy...
 For the little ones, the adults lifted them up halfway down the zipline and ran beside them to make sure they didn't fall.
Ethan's turn, he's growing up so fast!
 Then the adults took a try themselves. Hilarious!
Here's our neighbor friend, Michaela :-)
 Then John, who ended up snapping the bar and landing on his head
 Finally, it was cake time. Sam was so sweet and wanted his friend, John, to help him blow out the candles.
Happy 5th Birthday, Sam! 
We had a great time celebrating with you!