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Ben and I met in 1996, began dating in 1999 and married in 2001. Now 20 years and 2 children later, we have returned to where our life together began. Ben works for the Federal Reserve and I have the privilege of staying home with our two precious boys.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Watching the boats!

Wearing his sunglasses just like Daddy

Making sure the grass is mowed

What a little boy with his hat on backwards!


Ethan's favorite word right now is "out-ide" and we are most certainly taking advantage of it with the beautiful weather that we have been having. We have been spending most of our time playing in the backyard and having a blast! Throwing in a few trips to the park and a visit to the harbor, we have definitely made the most of the last week of 70-80 degree weather.

Locked Out

The other day we decided to go to the park. Ethan was so excited and kept saying "ride, ride" because he wanted to ride in the stroller. So, while Ben and I were getting things together, Ethan decided to climb up in the stroller and close the tray over him so that he was ready to go! We hadn't strapped him in yet, but he wanted us to know he was ready. I went out to the garage to get a couple of bottles of water and Ben went out to the back porch to get the soccer ball, then we were going to be on our way. Well, when I went back to the door to go inside, the door was locked. So, I went around to the back porch where Ben was and tried the back door...it was locked, too.

Although Ethan has not figured out how to open the doors, he has figured out how to lock and unlock the door knobs. Of course, all of the windows were locked, we did not have a spare key anywhere, and our cell phones were inside. Even though I knew that Ethan could let us back in, I began to panic because he had already closed the tray over him in the stroller and I didn't know if he could get out of it. I really did not want to break a window, especially considering that we are just renting this house, but I could feel my blood pressure rising! As we begin to knock on the door to ask Ethan to come help Mommy and Daddy, all we can hear is "ride, ride." Then Ethan figures out that he's in the house by himself and begins to scream. So Ben went around to the garage to knock on the door and ask Ethan to come help Daddy. After hearing him scream for what seemed like forever, Ethan was able to get himself out of the stroller and go unlock the door for Daddy. We made it to the park and the crisis was over...but the next day, there were several copies of keys made!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ethan's visit to Groovy's Cuts!

At 19 months, we have had a couple of haircuts already. However, these have been from Maw-Maw. Each time his hair has been cut, he has cried huge crocodile tears and you would have thought that he was being tortured.
Today, Daddy took him for his first visit to Groovy's. I politely told Ben that this was a great opportunity for a Father-Son outing because I truly did not want to have to endure the screamfest :-) So while I took my last trip to Canton for a very long time(due to impending arrival of Baby Caden) with some great friends from church, Daddy and Ethan went for a haircut. Ben called me as soon as they were finished and told me how great he did! No tears and completely curious about everything that was going on around him- I couldn't believe it! And like a good Daddy, he even remembered to document the big day with pictures!

Buttons to press! You can't beat that!

Evidently, he spent most of his time turning around to see what was going on behind him as well. I'm sure that this made the lovely lady's job so much more fun for her!

Look at this shy little innocent face!

The final product: No smile, but no tears!