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Ben and I met in 1996, began dating in 1999 and married in 2001. Now 20 years and 2 children later, we have returned to where our life together began. Ben works for the Federal Reserve and I have the privilege of staying home with our two precious boys.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Something Old and Something New

No one is getting married, so there's nothing borrowed or blue, but this high chair was Ben's when he was a baby(more than 33 years old, much to Ben's devastation) and of course, our Little Man is 5 months new! Ben's Dad has passed the high chair on to us. Unfortunately, it's not exactly up to the safety standards of today so we have a new one for Ethan, but it's definitely sentimental sitting in the corner of our dining room.

All I Want for Christmas is My 2 Front Teeth

I can't believe it! Today is Ethan's 5 month birthday and we already have teeth! There are no pictures to prove it other than drool and chewing on whatever he can(including Lucy), but our Little Man has 2 budding tiny bottom front teeth! If you run your fingers across his gums, 2 razor sharp little teeth have come through. We have broken out the Tylenol, Orajel, and the teething tablets(not all at the same time, of course), but the poor little guy is hurting and so fussy that he just wants to be held.